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Stay Hydrated,
Train for Life.

The Ceramic Insulated Water Bottle For Peak Jiu-Jitsu Performance.

Flow, Adapt, Thrive, with JellyJitsu

Ceramic Core™

Catch Your Breath.
Catch the Sub.

Our Jitsu Journeyer uses a unique Ceramic Core™ that ensures chemical, odor, and taste neutrality. The ceramic lining of the Jitsu Journeyer prevents any leaching of metallic ions or substances, preserving the natural taste of your water. Enjoy hydration without any unwanted flavors or odors, delivering only the purest hydration during your rest rounds.

One Finger Carry

In the Zone.
In Any Zone.

With our one finger carry handle that hides away when not in use, you can take the Jitsu Journeyer with you anywhere you go. You can take it to the gym. You can take it surfing, for a run, on a hike, or snowboarding, and so much more.

24-Hour Cold Insulation

Bring the Heat.
Without Overheating.

With 24 hour cold insulation, you can train confidently at the perfect temperature for your jiu-jitsu. And your Ceramic Liquid Shield is fired at a scorching 300 degrees celsius, making it one tough bottle.

We'll help you hydrate better.

Learn about our Ceramic Core™, 24-hour temperature insulation, travel ready lid, and other thoughtful considerations.

Word on the mats…

I really love this water bottle and I bring it with me to BJJ practice, the gym, the beach, and basically everywhere I go. It's not too big so it fits in my bag and it's very functional as it has a foldable handle and stays cool for a long time. I also love the detail of the non-slip bottom and the quote on the inside of the cap. Overall, this is a great product and I highly recommend!

Lani Strijbosch


I love how it keeps my drinks cold and I can take it anywhere. The bottle itself is a beauty. I get compliments of how nice it looks.