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Full Overview of JellyJitsu’s Athlete Sponsorship Program

Welcome to the Team!

We're excited to have you join the JellyJitsu family. At JellyJitsu, we believe in supporting athletes who embody our values and are as passionate about jiu-jitsu as we are. Here's a detailed overview of our sponsorship program.

Sponsorship Offerings:

  1. Product Sponsorship:
    - Receive our high-performance jiu-jitsu gear, including our signature Ceramic Insulated Water Bottles, to use and showcase.
    - Regularly updated with our latest product releases.
  2. Affiliate Program:
    - Earn a competitive commission on every sale made through your unique referral link.
    - Trackable links and real-time analytics provided to monitor your performance.
  3. Performance Bonuses:
    Special bonuses for outstanding achievements like:
    - Winning major tournaments.
    - Significant milestones in affiliate sales.
    - Generating high engagement on promotional content.


Program Duration:

- Initial 1-year agreement with potential for renewal based on mutual satisfaction and performance.


Your Role:

- Feature JellyJitsu products in your training, competitions, and seminars.
- Promote and share your unique affiliate link on social media, websites, and other platforms.
Content Creation:
- Share experiences using JellyJitsu products through posts, stories, videos, and more.
- Engage with your audience to answer questions about our products and provide testimonials.


Exclusivity Clause:

- During your partnership with JellyJitsu, you agree not to promote or be sponsored by competing jiu-jitsu brands.


Rights and Permissions:

- JellyJitsu may use your image, name, video clips, or other personal attributes for promotional purposes and marketing materials.


Review and Renewal:

- Halfway through our partnership, we'll review our collaboration and discuss improvements or changes if needed.

- At the end of the term, potential for renewal or modification of the agreement based on mutual feedback.

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